Farms can only thrive when the right technology is extended to the garden. Farm Solution Africa(FSA) brings these services to the African farmers through interfaces between the farmer and our Technical staff. We derive solutions from our experiences as professionals and the actual problems at farm level.

We offer Agro-Consultancy and training on;
  • Crop husbandry – (Horticulture, Cereals, Pasture, Landscaping, Plantains – Banana, Sugar Cane, Coffee, Tea, Palm oil tree, cocoa, Forest trees)
  • Pest and disease management
  • Fertilizer use and handling
  • Farm Layout & planning (Investment & returns analysis, lotting, zoning and sequencing, crop rotation)
  • Quality Assurance (Lab Analysis – Maximum/minimum residual levels and traceability – soil analysis, Nutrition, Pathogenesis)
  • Mechanization (Bush clearing, Ploughing, Planting, weed control-inter-cultivation – Boom spraying, harvesting – combine harvesting, post harvest handling – silos, dryer, cribs-prototype – designs on paper, seed extraction in hot pepper crops )
  • Large grain storage facilities and post harvest handling
  • Certification procedures and accessing global markets. etc.