The Farm Solutions Africa Agricultural Research Service (FSAARS).

Our job is finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect Africans every day, from field to table. Here are a few numbers to illustrate the scope of our organization:

  • 02 research projects within
  • 01 scientists and post docs
  • 04 other employees
  • 03+ research collaborators, including overseas laboratories
Mission Statement

To conduct research, develop and transfer solutions to agricultural problems of high national priority and to provide information access and dissemination to:

  • ensure high-quality, safe food, and other agricultural products
  • assess the nutritional needs of Africans
  • sustain a competitive agricultural economy
  • enhance the natural resource base and the environment, and
  • Provide economic opportunities for rural citizens, communities, and society as a whole.

To lead Africa towards a better future through agricultural research and information.

Research scope

We take great care in designing and organizing our research effort, and we listen and respond to those with a stake in the outcome.

Plans and Reports

Agricultural Research & Development

To Carry out Baseline survey in the following areas (Seed sector–market size of various crops, variety performance, Agrochemicals–size of market and performance) for the purpose of developing a data base.

Carry out Research on various / selected crops (Vegetables–selections & cleaning hot pepper, Cereals, pastures, conducting trials and vegetative propagation–cassava, tissue culture, etc)

Soil science

  • Nutrition analysis,
  • Fertilizer utilization
  • MRLs and clinical analysis

We follow a strategic plan we develop to meet our stakeholders’ needs and support FSA’s mission. We check our progress in carrying out that plan, and we modify it as circumstances require.