Commercial Greenhouses – a Green Investment

Modern commercial greenhouses are being required to meet increasingly stringent environmental and ecological standards and requirements. This places a burden on the greenhouse farmer or operator as, in many markets, failure to meet these requirements can reduce product quality grade and lead to reduced sales and lower revenues.

Green Commercial Greenhouse Plans

An essential element of any commercial greenhouse plan is a design that takes into account environmental issues that will allow for operation and production in as sustainable a manner as possible. Needless to say, the design must also address needs of cost efficiency so that the farmer can grow and market a crop that is both “green” and profitable.

When looking for a commercial greenhouse, one that also meets environmental requirements, it is important to consult with experts and suppliers with a proven track record. It is preferable to work with companies that not only build greenhouses, but also design them and who can provide a total, one stop solution for all commercial greenhouse supplies.

Top Tunnels Greenhouse

The Top Tunnels offers simple cultivated farming solutions, simple to maintaine & easy to erect. The side vents allows the ventilation of the structure.


  • Simple and effective solution for varied and complex topographic conditions
  • Gable spans of 9 meters and 10 meters
  • Total structure height – 4 meters
  • Ventilation by side-wall openings covered by insect nets and roll-up curtains, manually or electrically operated
  • May only be covered by polyethylene held with aluminum clips
  • Suitable for all climate conditions and adaptable to any type of landscape.

3 Varieties of Top Tunnel Greenhouses

  • Regular tunnel with round arch – 9 m span
  • Gothic Tunnel with Gothic arch – 9-10 m span (suitable for snow)
  • Tunnel Battery (cluster of tunnels)