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Chinnese Cabbages

DAYS TO MATURITY: 60-65 days

Full size for cooking and kimchee.

Firm, tall heads weigh 2-5kgs. Blemish-free, deep green leaves and broad white ribs with a creamy yellow, blanched interior. The flavor is sweet, tangy, juicy, and delicious! Slow bolting. Tolerant to black speck.





Attractive, deep green, 3-5kgs.

Heads are filled with tender, thin, crisp, peppery-sweet leaves. Good standing ability in the field without splitting..






Adaptable iceberg.

Medium-sized, glossy green, firm heads. More uniform and less susceptible to twisted leaves compared to most iceberg varieties. High percentage of perfect heads, even when grown in less than ideal, warm and humid conditions. White interior, juicy, and mild. MT0-30.




Variety: Clemson spineless and Pusa sawani.

Light green pods consist of 5-8 points. The standard varieties for export markets. Cream-colored flowers are also edible and may be stuffed or used as garnish. An attractive ornamental, good in containers..





Sweet Corn Variety: Defender F1