Farm Solutions Africa

High Yielding Tomato Seeds

We have a wide variety of Hybrid Tomatoe seeds for any garden.

Hybrid Cabbage Seeds

Cultivate  variety of hybrid Cabbages in your garden.

Sweet Pepper Seeds

Time proven hybrid sweet pepper varieties.


FSA is a specialist in Agricultural Research, consultancy, vegetable seeds, herbs, agrochemicals and market development. With Headquarters in Kampala, Uganda- East Africa, it is one of the leading private agricultural research companies in East Africa and a national supplier of premium varieties of vegetable seeds, herbs, field crop seed varieties and crop protection solutions to the professional and non professional growers. It focuses strongly on after-sales service, assisting farmers to successfully grow products that meet international standards. Farm Solutions Africa uses a network of in-house sales representatives as well as external agents from all over the Region. This distribution network has been a key to our international success. FSA ensures that the product reaches the grower in the best possible condition for crop success.



All growth stages Formulation


 Suitable forfor foliar feeding and fertigationA fully water soluble fertilizer