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Use Aluminium phosphide 56% TA for Grain storage and pulses Aluminium phosphide is used as a rodenticide, insecticide and fumigant for stored cereal grains. It is used to kill small verminous mammals such as moles, rabbits, and rodents. The tablets or pellets typically also contain other chemicals which evolve ammonia which helps to reduce the potential for spontaneous ignition or explosion of the phosphine gas.

Pure phosphine is odorless, but technical grade phosphine has a highly unpleasant odor like garlic or rotting fish, due to the presence of substituted phosphine and diphosphine. It is highly effective against maize weevils and other related species attacking grains and pulses As a rodenticide, aluminium phosphide pellets are provided as a mixture of food for the consumption by the rodents.

The acid in the digestive system of the rodent reacts with the phosphide to generate the toxic phosphine gas. Other pesticides similar to aluminium phosphide are zinc phosphide and calcium phosphide. USAGE: Commodity Dosage Tablets Exposure time Re-entry period Bulk grain loosely piled or in silo bins 2-5 per ton Depends on type of silo or warehouse and it’s gas tightness Depends on construction of individual silo bin or warehouse Bagged grain in stacks 1-2 per m3 3-4 days 3 hours Tobacco in bales, cases and hogshead 1/2-1 per m3 4-8 days Bales: min. 48h all other 72h Packaged processed food and animal feeds 1-3 per m3 3-5 days 48 hours Empty warehouse, mills, etc. (space fumigation) 2-3 per m3 Min. 3 days 2-3 hours min.

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