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A broad spectrum ,systemic, non-selective post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds.Contains Glyphosate 360SL.



A fast acting herbicide for economic weed control in plantation crops, such as bananas, citrus, coffee, palm, sisal sugarcane and tea. It is also used in maize inter-row weeding and minimum tillage systems. It gives rapid kill of annual grasses and broad leaved weeds. Contains Paraquat dichloride

  FSA 2,4-D AMINE:

A selective herbicide for control of broad-leaved weeds in wheat, barley, maize, sorghum, sugarcane & grassland areas. Contains Dimethylamine salt 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid.


For Control of all important annu al broadleaf and grass weeds in maize, including weeds resistant to ALS inhibitor, triazine and glyphosate herbicides

LUMAX is a breakthrough, one-pass solution for corn, which offers new standards of crop safety and meets the challenge of season-long control of broadleaf weeds and grasses.