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Moss Curled Parsley

Improved selection on the standard moss curled parsley. This culinary standard is easy to grow and tolerates drought. The uniform, dark green, medium-fine curled leaves can be used as a garnish or a salad or entree ingredient. Multiple cuttings per season are possible from one planting.


Best rosemary for the barbeque. Straight, upright stems are ideal for use as skewers on the barbeque to give shish-kabobs a subtle earthy flavor. Grows well in containers or in the field.

BASIL. Preferred variety for greenhouses. Similar flavor, appearance, and leaf size as Genovese in a more compact plant

Culinary thyme.

Spicier, more pungent flavor than


Easily the best looking garlic chive in our trials.

Big, bulky plants that are nice and upright for ease of harvesting.