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Our Strategy

Our ambition

One of the unique things about Farm Solutions Africa is that our actions and products (training, knowledge building, research, irrigation and green house technologies) can help address one of the continent’s most challenging dilemmas: how to grow more crops and rare many animals from less resource. That is why our ambition is to bring greater food security to Africa in an environmentally sustainable way to an increasingly populous world by creating a worldwide step-change in farm yields. And that means on every farmer has to be equipped with knowledge, inputs and tools that can enable production take place.

Through deploying global-class science, experience, innovations we aim to transform the way crops are grown and look beyond yield. This includes novel go-to-market models, building in particular on our success in reaching new customers in emerging markets.

Our strategy

To work towards meeting our ambition, we put the farmer and the farm at the Centre of everything we look at. Our strategy calls for us to think like a farmer in his field and understand that he thinks about his land and his crop in a holistic and integrated way. With our enormous breadth of experience, knowledge and technologies in Crop Protection, Seedlings/seed and crop Care, we are uniquely placed in our work to not only provide the farmer with integrated offers now but also truly innovative and transformative technologies in the future. These solutions will help the farmer to meet the increasingly complex challenges of today and tomorrow in an informed, commercially friendly and planned way.

At the core of the long-term success of our strategy is innovation, particularly in research and development, training and continuous learning to better valued skills in the sector? The products of the future will certainly need to produce extra yield, but they will also need to have a positive impact on the land and the people who live on the land. Yield alone is no longer enough. We will innovate beyond the single product paradigm of chemical or biological products, and we will innovate by crop and at scale, knowledge and experience as guiding principles organs. Our strategy has farmers’ needs at its mantle.